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Bolshoi vibor kosmetiki. Dostavka 3 nedeli, no upakovan tovar horosho."


Большой выбор интересной косметики на любой случай. Заказывала для себя и мамы, остались довольны. Доставка в Киев 2 недели."


Посылка в Саратов шла 15 дней. Косметика оригинальная, упакована хорошо"

Елена Козлова

Large selection of vitamins at a good price"


Большой выбор косметики и биодобавок. Заказал несколько средств по выгодной цене. В Крым доставляли чуть больше 2х недель."


Много косметики мировых брендов, а также редкая биокосметика. Доставили посылку через 12 дней в Украину."


A lot of bio-cosmetics. The package arrived 15 days later in Rome."


Много витаминов и БАДов европейского качества. Вежливый персонал."


Большой выбор европейских лекарств, доставка до 14 дней. Нашла все, что искала"


Оперативно доставили лекарство по рецепту в Екатеринбург"


Много не только лекарств, а и косметических средств европейского производства, что очень радует"


Slim figure

Slim figure


TOP products in category Cosmetology

TOP products in category Cosmetology

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 Top products (and brands) in Europe

 Académie Scientifique de Beauté



 Platinum Collection


 Centro mességué

 Perron rigot


 Inthenso Professional

 Estetica 2.0


 Dermafil Happy Lift




 To order the most popular cosmetic products you can fill out an application on the website or follow the link HELP 24/7

 Popular products from Europe

 Cosmetology substances

 Teosyal Serum for lips RHA lip’sculpt

 Teosyal Hydrogel Mask with RHA

 Surface All-Season Peeling Pure Spa Peel

 Intensive anti-aging serum with retinol Pure Retinol Serum

 Académie Scientifique de Beauté Care with alpha hydroxyl acids

 Académie Scientifique de Beauté Oxygen-stimulating procedure

 Capsules for weight control Pure Weight Loss

 BODY COMPLEX anti-cellulite professional cream with nanospheres (500 ml)

 To order the most popular cosmetic products you can fill out an application on the website or follow the link HELP 24/7

 Aesthetic medicine

 Teosyal PureSense Ultimate

 Teosyal PureSense Ultra Deep

 Teosyal PureSense Kiss

 Platinum Collection Vit: Jal Revitalizing mix

 Platinum Collection Up Grade

 Platinum Collection Nucleonix

 Needle Concept U225 Meso Injector

 Dermafil Happy Lift Double Needle

 Dermafil Happy Lift Free Floating

 Cosmetology hardware

 Formatk Magma Spark - new horizons for the development of your business

 Daylight LED Magnifier Lamp

 Daylight LED Magnifier Lamp MAG Lamp S

 Sorisa BODYTER PREMIUM - apparatus for physiotherapy

 Formatk Magma - laser and IPL technologies

 Palomar Palomar Vectus

 Sorisa PHOTOCARE - phototherapy equipment

 Formatk Forma System - key technologies in one device

 Peptide bioregulation


 Hair care

 Set for hair and body "Collagen SPA enjoyment"

 Zenagen Revolve Treatment Conditioner

 Zenagen Revolve Shampoo Treatment for Women

 Silicone ear pads Silicone Ear Protectors

 Iron "Anti-smoke" Izunami Fume Iron

 Protective tape for iron with teflon coating BKT Magic Tape 3/4 "

 Serum for the ends of hair Illuminate Serum for blondes / brunettes

 Purify Shampoo shampoo for blondes / brunettes

 Intensively regenerating mask-therapy for blondes / brunettes

 Purify Shampoo shampoo for blondes / brunettes


 Burit Hair Tip Serum

 Indelible Keratin Spray Balsam


 Filler Liquidimplant LABIUM

 Filler Liquidimplant SUBCUTIS

 Filler Amalian II (SF20)

 Filler Amalian Lips

 Filler Reneall 200

 Filler Reneall 500

 Filler Reneall 300 2 ml

 To order the best fillers you can fill out an application on the website or follow the link HELP 24/7



 Biorevitalizant Amalian Balance

 Biorevitalizant Revi Brilliants

 Botulinum toxin Relatox 50 U

 MesoSculpt C71 ™

 Meso-Xanthin F199 ™


 Gel before depilation 250 ml WhiteLine

 Voskoplav White on 1 cartridge with temperature control -

 Voskoplav PRO-WAX 100

 Voskoplav for 1 cartridge Depilflax-100

 Active paste against ingrown hair "ITALWAX" 30 ml

 Gel after depilation 100 ml.  cooling whiteline

 Anesthesia for cosmetic procedures

 Acriol Pro 100g (Acriol Pro)

 Light Dep - Body Gel 30ml.

 Lidocaine 0.02 / ml 2 ml amp rr d / in (10 pcs)

 Ointment anesthesia.  J-Cain Cream 30g 10.56%

 Ointment anesthesia.  J-Cain Cream 500gr.10.56%

 Ointment anesthesia.  Super Numb 10g

 Anesthetic ointment  Numb 30g

 TATTOOIST 30g anesthetic ointment ointment

 Cosmetology devices

 Needle-free mesotherapy apparatus 9090

 Manipula of electroporation to IB-9090

 The device for gas-liquid peeling OMEGA injection

 The device for gas-liquid peeling M364E

 The device 5 in 1 M-15 (Radio lifting + Vacuum, Cavitation,

 Apparatus for bipolar RF rejuvenation and

 The device for correction of a figure and face lifting 2 in 1

 Cavitation apparatus IB-5002

 The device Radiolifting and Lipolaser 2 in 1 V-8802

 Golden spoon apparatus

 Cosmetic device "7 in 1" NV-N97

 Apparatus Cosmetological combine 11 in 1 H-5050

 The device Mikroviziograf portable

 Apparatus for determining skin moisture

 Apparatus LED LED facial therapy

 Lamp magnifier on clamp 663 A

 To order the most popular cosmetology devices you can fill out an application on the website or follow the link HELP 24/7

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