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Slim figure

Slim figure


Against aging

Against aging

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Long life seems attractive, but as we grow older, we become carriers of whole bouquets of diseases and burdens of late stages of life that prevent us from enjoying old age.  Science is trying to create ways to extend the life of a healthy life - not just life.

 Although modern medicine and a healthy lifestyle allow us to live much longer than our ancestors, in many cases people have to literally cling to every extra year.  While a healthy part of our life is prolonged, people remain healthy and active in old age, the rate of health preservation does not grow as fast as life expectancy in general.

 How to deal with aging

 Fighting aging with health and longevity is hindered by negative historical experience and psychological barriers in the minds of people.  Few people believe in the possibility of non-aging or a substantial extension of the maximum life expectancy.  Lack of scientific knowledge, as a rule, is replaced by installations like - against nature you will not trample, and what for to struggle, if all there will be.  It is easier for people to live today than to think about old age and make efforts and take care of health and longevity.

 In order to prolong life has not turned into an extension of old age, it is necessary to solve the problem not only how to slow down aging, but even significantly rejuvenate the body.

 And since we do not have the task of prolonging old age, we need to solve the problem of prolonging youth, prolonging healthy and active human life.

 Old age is a disease that can and should be treated.  For most people this view is unusual.  But longevity without old age does not contradict the laws of nature.  On the planet there are organisms that do not age for centuries.

 Long live sea urchins and whales do not age.  From age sometimes reaches more than 200 years.

 Practically the nerd digger does not age.  The appearance of the animal can not tell how old he is - 3 years or 30.

 Quite a long time live turtles.  Among the plants, some species of pine trees, living for several thousand years, are long-livers!

 To date, science already knows some substances well studied in animals that can slow aging and increase both the average and maximum life expectancy.  These substances are geroprotectors (protecting against aging).

 Drugs that slow the aging process








 Acetylsalicylic acid

 Hyaluronic acid




 But taking these drugs yourself without prescribing a doctor is extremely dangerous.  For example, rapamycin, used after organ transplantation, is very expensive and has serious side effects, among other things, it increases cholesterol.  But among these drugs are drugs that are not only inexpensive, but also safe enough to be used very widely, including with the purpose of prolonging life.  Whether it is necessary to appoint them to healthy people, it is still a question.  But with some problems they will not be superfluous.  What are these medicines?  For example, one of the most popular drugs for the treatment of hypertension enalapril (it is produced by many companies under different names).  He is well tolerated, and in recent years it has been increasingly said that drugs of this type can be used even in people with borderline pressure: usually this condition is treated without medication - doctors advise to lose weight, change lifestyle and give up products that promote  pressure.

 Vitamins to preserve youth




 Alphabet Cosmetics

 Vitrum Beauty


 Lora Evalar

 Perfectil Vitabiotics


 Biological complex Lady's formula "Menopause Reinforced formula"

 Coenzyme Q10 from Nutrilite

 Clean Skin from Inneov

 The revalid

 Anacaps from Ducray


 Biotin C plus from Nutrilite

 Vitamin complex from Merz

 Beauty by Vitrum

 Folk recipes to combat aging

 Tibetan recipes of youth

 Many Tibetan recipes of youth restore lost strength and add health.They offer various infusions that you can prepare yourself at home.

 To do this, take 10 lemons and squeeze out the juice from them manually or with the help of a meat grinder.  Then find in the bins 10 heads of garlic and finely chop them.  The next step will be the addition of honey.  10 lemons and 10 heads of garlic will need 1 kg of honey.  Thoroughly mix the ingredients and take the resulting balsam 3 times a day for 1 teaspoon before eating.

 There is another Tibetan recipe for healing, which strengthens the immune system and removes toxins from the body.  For its preparation, a mixture of herbs - St. John's wort, chamomile, immortelle and birch buds is taken.  Then a large quantity of boiling water is added to the pot with herbs.  It is necessary to wait for the composition to be infused for 20 minutes.  After this infusion, strain and add a teaspoon of natural honey.  Take infusion every day before meals and you will notice positive results.

 Recipes of youth for face and skin

 The secrets of beauty are based on ancient methods of care.  To the skin of the face remained attractive at any age, you need to carefully treat the gifts of nature.  Expensive cream does not help to return the attraction, but only strike a blow to the wallet.

 Well clean the skin of sour-milk products.  If a person wipes his face daily with a swab dipped in kefir, his face will look fresh.

 Perfectly tones the skin and is used as a lotion infusion of nettle with the addition of a tablespoon of vodka.

 As a mask, you can use a mixture of honey, cottage cheese with the addition of a few drops of fruit juice.

 Helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles mask from a crushed banana and a teaspoon of sour cream

 Nourishes and calms the skin mask from buckwheat flour, dissolved in milk.  When applied to the skin of this mixture, a light massage is done.

 How to maintain skin youth without makeup

 There are many ways to stop aging and fill your face with vital energy.  One of the most effective means is oil from sesame seeds.  You will achieve a strong effect if you rub the oil into your skin after a bath or shower.  Then the skin is most susceptible to exposure.

 When you wake up in the morning, try not to wash your face with ordinary tap water, but use purified water for this.  In addition, it is good if the water is very cold.  You can replace this procedure and prepare ice cubes in advance.  It is worth every day to put them to your face and repeat while doing massage movements.

 Another advice is to experience less negative emotions.  Anger and attacks of anger are reflected in appearance.  To the person receives blood, as a result of which allergic reactions may occur.

The best enterosorbents for rejuvenating the body

Enterosorption against aging.

At this time, enterosorption is one of the best means for prolonging life (rejuvenation of the body). Enterosorption is effective, simple and safe. We must definitely take enterosorption for ourselves!

In medicine, a method of purifying blood, the so-called hemosorption, is widely used. Its meaning lies in the fact that human blood is passed through a sorbent (absorber), extracting from it a number of harmful substances. Synthetic coals serve as the sorbent. However, such procedures may not be harmful to the body. In the collective of the well-known gerontologist Academician V. Frolkis, enterosorption was used to increase life expectancy. The fact is that a person within a day releases up to 10-12 liters of gastrointestinal juices. The liquid part of these juices is filtered from the blood. In the lower parts of the intestine, it is absorbed back into the blood. Consequently, by carrying out sorption of gastrointestinal juices, we cleanse the blood, lymph, as a consequence, intercellular and cellular fluids, that is, the entire body without harm to the body. It is also extremely important that the enterosorbent also absorbs cholesterol released into the intestine by the gallbladder. This is perhaps the best way to prevent atherosclerosis - the cause of every second death.

For the experiment, the old 28-month-old rats were taken. These rats were carried out cycles of enterosorption: 10 days addition to the food sorbent (synthetic carbons), 30 days - a break. This experiment led to an increase in the lifespan of rats, approximately, by 35%. The effect of enterosorption on cells is so significant that it affects the intensity of protein synthesis in organs.

The most important is the effect of enterosorbent on the exchange of lipids (fats) in the body. Thus, the content of total lipids (triglycerides, cholesterol), which are of great importance in the development of atherosclerosis, in the liver falls by about 30%. Similar changes are observed in the tissues of the brain and heart. The effect of enterosorption on lipid metabolism was so significant that the use of it restores the composition of the cell walls! Ie, the seemingly already destroyed is being restored, and therefore the body is rejuvenated! As a result of long-term enterosorption, cell damage, connective tissue proliferation in organs and nerve centers, less pronounced atrophy, less vascular sclerosis, etc., occur much later.

Which enterosorbents are better?

Minimal action is exerted even by ordinary dietary fibers (fiber - the shell of plant cells, etc.). From here you can often hear a recommendation: there are more plant products. Of the plant fiber, so-called microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) is also produced. But, of course, the most effective are specially developed drugs. It can be either ordinary activated carbons sold in pharmacies, or "advanced" enterosorbents, based on apple and citrus pectins with the addition of various plant extracts and beneficial bacteria that have choleretic and general health effects, both on the gastrointestinal tract, and for the whole organism. Among such sorbents it is possible to name: toksfayter, polifepane, etc. There are sorbents of other kinds, such as: polysorb, silica gel, etc. The main indicator of the effectiveness of enterosorbent is its ability to create an absorbing surface. The simplest enterosorbents, such as activated carbon from pharmacies (carboline) form an absorbent surface of 200-300 square meters per gram of sorbent. There are also more powerful sorbents on the basis of granulated coals (SKN, SKT-6A, SUGS, SCAN, etc.) and carbon fiber materials (vaulen, actylene, "Dnepr"). They have a power of 1000 (!) And more square meters of surface per gram.

If you use regular activated charcoal, then the daily dosage should be about 5-7 grams. Divide it into 2-3 receptions. The course of enterosorption is about 10 days. Other drugs should be used in accordance with the instructions for them. However, in order to achieve the greatest effect, plant enterosorbents can be taken in dosages 2-3 times larger than indicated. The course can be held for a month.

It is of fundamental importance that enterosorbents take on an empty stomach, (you can 30-60 minutes before eating). A portion of the drug is best diluted in water (or with water) with a quantity of 100-200 grams. The total amount of fluid consumed during the day, during the course of enterosorption, is useful to increase.

Inhibitors of protein biosynthesis, etc.

In addition to the substances listed above, there are others that can significantly increase life expectancy. For example, there is a group of so-called inhibitors of protein biosynthesis. These substances (olivomycin, actinomycin, etc.) are able to slow down the exchange of proteins and, as a result, extend the life cycle. Animals that received olivomycin lived 25% longer, and their general condition was much better than usual. However, these substances have not yet become widespread. The fact is that in high concentrations they can have a toxic effect on the body. However, in the course of time, absolutely safe preparations of such action may appear.

In the Fundamentals it was said that a decrease in body temperature of only 1-3 degrees increases the life span by several decades and centuries. There are substances that reduce body temperature. Currently, there is a search for such safe means.

Finally, today many laboratories in the world are developing drugs that will be able to activate "rejuvenating" genes and suppress the work of genes promoting aging. Such drugs will be able to prolong life no longer for decades, but for centuries.

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