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Slim figure

Slim figure




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Psoriasis is a chronic non-infectious disease, which most often manifests itself in the form of skin rashes and scaling.

 If the skin appears rash, resembling psoriasis - should consult a dermatologist.  Psoriatic rashes are scaly, itchy plaques of various sizes.  In this case, plaques in psoriasis can be located on the elbows, knees, scalp or other parts of the body.  The doctor will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and, depending on his form, prescribe treatment.

 Causes of psoriasis

 Psoriasis is an abnormal reaction of the body to external stimuli, in which the upper layer of the skin dies at certain parts of the body much faster than in the norm.  If usually the cycle of division and maturation of skin cells occurs in 3-4 weeks, then in psoriasis this process takes place in just 4-5 days.

 Currently, psoriasis is considered a hereditary multifactorial disease: the basis of the disease is not one but a whole range of causes - immunological changes, metabolic disorders, concomitant endocrine and neurological disorders.  At the same time, we can say for sure: psoriasis is not an infectious disease, which means that it is not a contagious disease.

 The causes of the appearance of psoriasis have not been finally found.  On this account, there are various theories.

 According to one theory, there are two types of psoriasis:

 Psoriasis type I is caused by hereditary breakdowns of the immune system.  About 65% of people suffer from this form of psoriasis, and the disease manifests itself at a young age, from 18 to 25 years.

 Psoriasis type II occurs in people older than 40 years.  In this type of psoriasis is not inherited and is not associated with breakage in cells by the immune system.  And unlike psoriasis type I, which prefers the skin, psoriasis type II often affects the nails and joints.

 Symptoms of psoriasis

 Symptoms of psoriasis are inflamed, flaky spots of red, accompanied by severe itching.  Such spots (plaques) are more often located on the skin of the scalp, knees and elbows, in the lower back and in the skin folds.  Approximately a quarter of patients have nails.

 Depending on the seasonality of relapses (exacerbation of the disease), there are three types of psoriasis: winter, summer, indeterminate.  The most common winter type of psoriasis.

 During the exacerbation of psoriasis on the hands, on the knees, on the head, as well as in the lower back and in the skin folds, they appear as reddish-colored plaques.  Their sizes vary from a pinhead to large areas the size of a palm and more.

 Eruptions are usually accompanied by peeling and painful itching.  In the process of peeling, superficial scales easily slough, remain denser, located in the depth (hence the second name psoriasis - scaly lichen).  Sometimes in the area of ​​the affected areas of the skin there are cracks and suppuration.

 Progressive psoriasis is characterized by the so-called Kebner phenomenon: the development of psoriatic plaques in places of injuries or scratches of the skin.

 Approximately a quarter of patients have nails.  In this case, there are pinpoint depressions and spotting of nail plates.  In addition, the nails can thicken and crumble.

 In summer, under the influence of sunlight, the symptoms of winter psoriasis are weakened, and sometimes even completely disappear.  Patients with the summer form of psoriasis, on the contrary, are advised to avoid exposure to the sun, as it worsens the course of the disease.

 Diagnosis of psoriasis

 Diagnoses psoriasis doctor-dermatologist.  To it it is necessary to address at occurrence on a skin of rashes similar to psoriatic - plaques of the various size, red, itching and shelled.  To clarify the diagnosis, a skin biopsy may be required.

 Treatment of psoriasis

 If the doctor has identified psoriasis at the initial stage, then it is quite possible that you will be assigned mainly prophylactic, and not therapeutic, remedies.When significant manifestations of the disease apply the following methods of treatment of psoriasis:

 cryotherapy - the method of cold exposure;

 plasmapheresis - purification of blood,

 therapy with ultraviolet - treatment consists of short-term procedures similar to a visit to the solarium.  For more effective treatment of psoriasis, this method is often combined with the use of special drugs PUVA-therapy).

 Do not try to treat psoriasis with ultraviolet without the doctor's advice.  In psoriasis, small doses of ultraviolet are therapeutic, and elevated - on the contrary, can spur the development of the disease.  The same applies to solar baths.

 Tablets have a strong effect, so they are used in severe forms of psoriasis, and are prescribed exclusively by a doctor.

 Effective tablets against psoriasis:




 The best medicines for psoriasis are ointments:






 Skin Light








 Treatment of psoriasis is a long and complex process, the most important moments of which are the experience of treatment, long-term monitoring of patients and the correct choice of methods and means of therapy.  Always remember that the most important thing in the treatment of this unpredictable disease is "noli nocere" (do no harm).  In many ways, the treatment of psoriasis depends on the patient himself, on his awareness of this disease, the state of mind, mood, optimism.

 Make sure that this is really psoriasis (if the rash has appeared for the first time).  Remember what circumstances and events preceded the appearance of rashes.  It can be stressful situations, any intoxication - drug, alcohol, food, etc., prolonged hypothermia, infectious diseases and vaccinations, skin trauma (including perm, hair coloring), etc. Then, if possible, eliminate the influence of these factors on  your body.

 You can not

 1. To be ill.  Do not allow the transition of acute infectious diseases to chronic infections.

 2. To drink, smoke.  Remember that alcohol and tobacco usually make the treatment of psoriasis more difficult and cause its aggravation.

 3. "Cleanse."  Popular "recently cleansing" of the body can also act as provoking factors.  Do not get involved and starvation.

 4. To abuse the ultraviolet.  Many patients go to the sea to get rid of thalassotherapy and heliotherapy (sea and sun), but soon they are convinced that the disease is progressing again and comes with a new force, again makes itself felt - the sun has a detrimental effect on the patient, it "drives in" psoriasis  even deeper into the body, and after a while the opposite happens, so taking sea and sun baths is better after the autumn-winter treatment and prevention by summer.

 5. There is everything.  Successful treatment of psoriasis largely depends on adherence to the diet regime, which in this disease should be physiologically complete in terms of energy value, fat and carbohydrate content.  It is necessary to exclude the consumption of citrus fruits, chocolate, eggs, honey, whole milk and products containing red pigment (tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, etc.).  After the disappearance of plaques, during the period of remission, do not abuse these products, it is desirable to sharply limit acidic, spicy and fatty foods, smoked foods, sweets.

 If possible, exclude products that cause allergic reactions, or limit their intake.  Increase the number of meals, but at the same time reduce its single volume.  Dishes eat in boiled, baked, stewed.


 1. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA).  Particular attention should be paid to the consumption of vegetable oils, which include polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA).

 2. Fiber.  This group of patients needs to periodically maintain the purifying function of the liver and its participation in lipid metabolism.  Of great importance is the regular emptying of the intestine.

 3. Vitamins.Treatment of psoriasis is more successful when close attention is paid to the intake of vitamins, belonging to the group of antioxidants, that support the health of the skin and nails.  They help to neutralize free radicals that damage the skin, strengthen the walls of the vessels, are important for the synthesis of collagen and elastin (constituents of connective tissue).

 Skin care for psoriasis

 During washing, try not to rub or stretch the skin.

 It is better to give preference to the soul, not to the baths, because they dry the skin.  However, to relax, you can sometimes take a bath, but provided that it will not be too long, and the water will not be very hot - a maximum of 37-38 ° C.

 Soap should be used neutral and without fragrances.

 After washing do not try to remove the keratinized skin on the elbows and knees.

 Dry the skin with a towel should be very careful, lightly pressing it to the body.

 Thoroughly drain all folds and hidden areas of the skin.  Pay special attention to the ear canals and skin behind the auricles, armpits, skin folds under the mammary glands, umbilical region and groin, and also the skin between the toes.

 In psoriasis, you can use soft alkaline soaps, deodorants, decorative cosmetics, etc. The best way is for sensitive or baby skin.  If you are allergic to any perfume products, use the same hypoallergenic drugs that you used before the first exacerbation of psoriasis.  It should be remembered that substances that cause allergic reactions can be part of air fresheners and conditioners for laundry.

 With inflammation of the skin in the armpits, it can be washed with saline.  Until the reddening of the skin does not pass, use of deodorants is not recommended.  Avoid substances containing alcohol and aromatic substances.

Cosmetic products for psoriasis

 Sudocrem (Sudocrem)

 Children's cream (NPP "Infarma")

 Baby cream Neutral baby

 Children's cream Alisa, JSC "Svoboda"

 Boro Cream (Indian) with chamomile

 Series EUCERIN (Eucerin)

 Uriage Keratosane

 Lipicar Balsam

 Cutibaza Cream

 «Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avene» Paris - Eau thermale AVENE

 Atopiclair Cream

 Dardia Lipo-balm

 ABENA skincare ointmen

 Hydrating cream HIDRADERM Sesvalia (Sesderma)

 Bepantin ointment

 Bepanten Lotion (F.Hoffmann La-Roche, Germany)

 Cream Yes To Carrots (Yes To Inc., Chicago, Illinois)

 Remederm silver, manufacturer Widmer

 Ointment with urea Carboderm

 Mineral Butter - The Seven Species, 250ml

 Emulsion of triple action OLAY

 TOPICREM emulsion cream

 Locobase Repair (Locobase Repair)

 Emolium (Emolium)

 Spray Sesderma with tarry

 Sesderma Spray

 Bübchen Baby Öl

 Folk remedies for psoriasis treatment

 Funds from the people appeared long before the emergence of traditional medicine.  In general, psoriasis even in the days of the Inquisition was considered a disease of the damned people, therefore, this healer's illness was treated only by healers and conspirators, and even secretly.

 Today, psoriasis can be cured with the help of modern means, however, until now people are turning to non-traditional medicine.

 Among the favorites in the treatment of the disease include: tar;  solidol;  soda;  copper vitriol;  propolis.

 Tar and solid oil at home are applied equally: spread on the affected area of ​​the skin for 10 minutes, every day gradually increasing the time to 40 minutes.  After the procedure, the medicine should be washed off with warm water with tar soap.  The course of treatment is up to 14 days.  These manipulations are better spent in the evening, that by the morning there was an unpleasant smell.

 Prescriptions of traditional medicine for the use of baking soda in the fight against psoriasis in the home is quite a lot.  You can just dilute the creamy mixture from warm water and baking soda, apply for several hours to the wound, then rinse with water.  Compress of 0.5 liter.  warm water and 3 tbsp.  l.  Soda is applied to the diseased skin until it cools completely.  You can prepare a soda solution from 1 tbsp.  water and 2 tsp.  and wipe the affected place.  No less effective is a bath of soda, sea salt and medicinal herbs.  Lying for 30 minutes in such a solution, do not rub the skin with a towel, but let it dry.

 If after a few weeks the result of therapy is not, it is worth giving up such treatment.  For 2-3 weeks, a prescription using 50 g of burnt ground copper sulfate and 50 g of sulfur helps to save yourself from psoriasis.  In this mixture add 25 g of celandine and tar, 150 g of pork or goose fat.  Cook in a water bath for 15 minutes, then stir until completely cooled.  Apply the ointment once a day.

 To use propolis in the treatment of psoriasis folk remedies, prepare the following mixture: 50 g grinded on a grater propolis, 0.5 kg of boiled natural butter.  Pour propolis into the oil and stir until it is completely cool.  Treat the affected skin with hydrogen peroxide, then compress the ointment for 10-12 hours.  Apply it every day for several weeks.

 Folk recipes for psoriasis for internal use

 Well, if the effectiveness of ointments and trays supplemented with decoctions, infusions for internal use.

 Brew for 1 tbsp.  boiling water 1 tbsp.  flax seeds.  Let it brew.  Tincture to drink in the morning on an empty stomach, and at night to drink 2 tablets of activated charcoal.

 Tincture of elderberry is consumed 3 times a day after eating half a cup.  And it is prepared this way: for 600 ml of boiling water 1 tbsp.  berries of elderberry.

 Prepare a purifying tea of ​​4 pieces of burdock, 6 pieces of strawberry leaves, 4 parts of nettle, 5 parts of blackcurrant leaves, 3 parts of yarrow, 3 parts of violet tricolor, 6 parts of string.  At 1 tablespoon.  collection to take 2 tbsp.  boiling water.  Infuse 15 minutes and take 0.5 st.  three times a day.

 Since it is believed that psoriasis occurs due to stress or nervous system disorders, acceptance of folk sedative infusions is welcomed.

 This will be enough for 25 drops Eleutherococcus, diluted with water, early and in the evening

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