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Slim figure

Slim figure




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Eye problems are a scourge of the modern generation. Our eyes are not at all suited to the loads that have fallen on them! If you spend a lot of time at the monitor, you should take care of the health of the eyes now, so that with age you will not lose visual acuity.

These tips will help improve vision, even if you wear glasses or contact lenses. Pay attention to the important advice: often blink while sitting at the computer to moisten the sclera. It is the drying of the sclera that is the main cause of various eye diseases! Has integrated the issue in a comprehensive manner and has prepared valuable recommendations for you to preserve and restore eye health. Use them, and you will notice the result: some people even have headache attacks when they let your eyes relax ...

Rest for the eyes

Take the habit of closing your eyes briefly throughout the day. Two minutes will be enough to rest the eye muscle and regenerate the vision! Close your eyes for 2 minutes every hour during the working day - and you will do a miracle not only with your eyesight, but also with the nervous system.

If you wear glasses

Even if you have poor eyesight, it is not a reason to wear lenses or glasses without taking off. Give up your glasses at least for half an hour a day, and you'll notice that you've become better able to see. Scientists have not yet come to a single conclusion - whether glasses are useful or not, after all, vision often falls when a person starts to use them regularly.

Eye massage

Massage your eyes at least once a day. Thanks to the massage of the eyes, blood circulation improves, the eyes fully rest, and as a result, vision becomes sharper.

Regular breaks

Do not let your eyes constantly be in suspense: every 20 minutes, be distracted from work and look into the distance. This recommendation is especially important for people with myopia.

Exercises for eyesight

Do these simple exercises at least 1 time in 2 days, and the result will be! Move the view on the arrow in the pictures. This is an excellent training for strengthening the eye muscles! Exercises can be done with both open and closed eyes.

Exercises for eyesight

Warm compresses for the eyes

If the eyes are tired, make a warm compress of cotton swabs. This tool helps not only from fatigue and dry eyes, it is effective even with a headache.


Carrots, butter, fish oil, greens, nuts: make sure that your diet is rich in these products. They will help to see well in the dark, vitamin A is very important for good vision.

Nature Time

Natural light and fresh air are useful not only for the eyes, but for the whole body. More walk - this is an excellent method of improving health!

Eyes and vision need your careful attention and care. If you know friends who have problems with vision, show them our article! These successive steps will help to correct the situation and carefully preserve the health of the eyes.

Medicines for improving eyesight are available in two dosage forms:

 • for oral administration (tablets, capsules, ampoules);

 • for external use (droplets).

 The choice of funds should be performed by an ophthalmologist, taking into account the state of the eyes and the causes of visual impairment.

 Medications to improve vision:

 Calcium gluconate

 Ascorbic acid


 Vitamins for vision improvement:

 Blueberry Forte


 Focus Forte

 Doppelgerz Active

 Complivit Ophthalmo

 Eye drops to improve visual acuity:





 Stupin Drops

 Cytochrome C

 Sante 40

 Oftan katachrom







 Folk remedies for vision improvement

 1. Eye wash with aloe.  Squeeze out the aloe leaves from the juice, dilute with boiled water at room temperature in a ratio of 1:10.  Wash your eyes in this way once a day (preferably in the evening), for one week.

 2. Calendula.  A very effective tool that can be used as an additional therapy for cataracts.  3 teaspoons of crushed marigold flowers pour half a liter of boiling water.  Let it brew, drain.  Drink 100 grams 4 times a day.

 3. Infusion of dill seeds.  One tablespoon of dill seeds will require 200 ml of boiled water.  Leave to stand for 30 minutes.  Take daily for 2 weeks.  Rest for a week, then continue again.

 4. Parsley and potatoes.  Paint the leaves of parsley, finely chop.  Turn the mass into gauze, making a bag and attach it to the eyes.  The same effect is produced by raw potatoes, grated.  Apply to the eyes after painful eyes.

 5. Blueberries.  Extremely useful for eye health is blueberries.  It can be used in any form - like jam, mors or compote.  In the bilberry contains a special substance necessary for blood circulation in the retina of the eye.  If you just felt that vision began to fail, immediately take a blueberry diet.  This will help to quickly return the lost diopters.

 6. Ointment for the eyelids.  It is necessary to prepare in an equal quantity powdered dandelion and honey, exclusively natural.  Mix the ingredients and rub each and every evening.

 7. Infusion from the eye.  Prepare a decoction from the grass of the eye.  Finely chopped collection (2 tablespoons) pour boiling water (1 cup).  Let it brew in a dark place for 3 hours.  Wash eyes with prepared infusion in the morning and evening.

 8. Vitamin mask.  Prepare in equal amounts peeled and grated cucumber, grated apples, horse sorrel (pre-steamed).  All carefully mix, wrap in gauze and attach to the eyes for 30 minutes.  It is advisable to do this in the dark, not including the light.

 9. Salad from the tops of carrots.  The carrot is extremely rich in vitamins, which are not found in the root crop.  If you use greens you do not seem tasty, you can prepare a salad that consists of sorrel, carrot and cucumber tops.  Fill all with a drop of olive oil.  And tasty, and useful!

 10. Carrot juice with honey.  At least once a week, all students, students and those who spend a long time at the computer need to give freshly squeezed carrot juice with honey.  Ideal for satiating the body with useful substances.

 11. Raspberry leaves and fruits.  Brew prepared ingredients (half a glass) with boiling water (1 cup), hold for 20 minutes.  Strain, drink.

 12. Citrus fruits.  They bring a lot of benefits, because they contain a lot of vitamins.  If you want to return the old visual acuity, eat at least 2 mandarins or one orange a day.  Note!  This recipe is suitable only for those who do not have problems with the digestive system!

 13. Vegetable juice.  It will be necessary to squeeze juice from vegetables such as parsley, celery, chicory and carrots.  To do this, you can scroll through the meat grinder, put it in gauze and discard the juice that has appeared.  Eat half a glass 3 times a day.

 14. Sprouted wheat grains.  Since ancient times it is known that the germinated wheat grains are rich in a lot of useful vitamins, trace elements and other substances.  If you want to use this product, you need to grow seeds first.  To do this, rinse the seeds, spread them on a flat saucer, pour a little warm water, cover with a napkin.  After 1-2 days will begin to appear tender, sprouts.  They are scrolled through a meat grinder, mixed with honey and eat instead of breakfast.

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