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Slim figure

Slim figure


Against wrinkles

Against wrinkles

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The appearance of the first wrinkles and other manifestations of aging is a process that can not be prevented and stopped.  With age, folds of different depths begin to form on the skin.

 The first wrinkles can appear even at a young age - these are the so-called mimic wrinkles.

 Wrinkles appear due to the natural process of damage and rupture of collagen fibers that occurs with age.  Despite the fact that the appearance of wrinkles on the face is a natural and inevitable process, modern aesthetic cosmetology and cosmetic industry offers a variety of procedures and preparations that maintain youthfulness of the skin as long as possible.  Wrinkles on the face are of several types.

 Types of wrinkles on the face

 The folds on the face are distinguished by the depth of occurrence: there are superficial, and there are deep wrinkles;  at the location - nasolabial wrinkles, folds on the forehead, wrinkles under the eyes, between the eyebrows;  due to the formation - age related to the aging process, as well as dynamic - facial wrinkles.

 In depth: superficial, middle and deep wrinkles

 Wrinkles on the face are classified according to the depth of the bedding.

 This is not just a conditional division, but a serious basis for choosing a method for correcting wrinkles on the face and prescribing procedures.

 For example, if botox is effective for smoothing inter-brow wrinkles, biomination is more suitable for fighting nasolabial wrinkles, and wrinkle gymnastics is also effective.

 In depth, wrinkles are distinguished for superficial, middle and deep wrinkles.

 Superficial are folds that affect only the epidermis.  These small wrinkles look like thin lines.  Such wrinkles appear not so much because of the aging process, but because of dehydration of the skin.  With intensive moistening of the skin, such wrinkles are usually amenable to correction.  Another cause of the formation of superficial wrinkles on the skin is a thickening of the stratum corneum of the epidermis.  To solve this problem, various types of surface and medial peelings are effective.

 Median wrinkles on the skin (or dermal) are not formed on the surface, but reach the middle layers (dermis).  They arise due to the deepening of epidermal wrinkles.

 Deep wrinkles are pronounced folds, in the formation of which not only layers of skin take part, but also subcutaneous fatty tissue.  The appearance of deep wrinkles occurs on the areas of natural skin folds - this is how nasolabial wrinkles are formed.  In many respects the reason for the formation of deep folds on the face is associated with gravitational ptosis of tissues - the muscle tone decreases with age, and against this background, under the influence of gravity, the face oval loses its clarity.  The degree of manifestation of deep wrinkles depends on many factors: this is the genetic predisposition, and the individual features of the structure of the face, and the influence of those external factors that lead to the formation of superficial and medial wrinkles.

 Inexpensive pharmacy products from wrinkles

 Pharmacy products from wrinkles are an alternative to expensive drugs, which are far from everyone can afford.  For example, in the anti-wrinkle remedy, which is advertised on TV, there are ingredients sold in almost every pharmacy.  One of their main advantages is a comparatively low cost with fairly good efficiency.

 Many pharmacy products are based on safe natural ingredients: vitamins, oils, collagen.  They support the elasticity of the skin and eliminate wrinkles, providing a quick result of prolonged action.  Therefore, if expensive cosmetics do not give the expected effect, alternative means from the pharmacy for skin rejuvenation, which can be purchased for less money, will come to the rescue.

 Before you start using any pharmacy products for the face from wrinkles, you should carefully read their ingredients.  For example, to eliminate the dryness of the skin, some components are needed, for oily skin, narrowing the pores and getting rid of other shortcomings of this type of dermis - others.The application of an improper formulation has the potential to develop unwanted effects, which will have to be eliminated additionally.  Therefore, before using anti-wrinkle drugs from a pharmacy, you need to consult a doctor or a cosmetologist.

 The best anti-wrinkle medicine

 Cheap pharmacy products for facial rejuvenation are diverse.  Some of them must be pre-cooked, mixed with other useful ingredients.  Mostly this rule applies to sprites, as well as soft facial peels.  For deep cleaning and getting rid of wrinkles, you need to use a scrub or peeling at least once every ten days.

 Scrub from aspirin

 It is used as a cleansing mask every 7 to 10 days - it perfectly updates the skin.  Take a few tablets, which are slightly flooded with water.  Now you need to add 1 tsp.  honey and mix well.  Applied as a face mask, except for the area around the eyes.  After 10 minutes, the face is rinsed with warm water.  This scrub perfectly removes redness, wrinkles

 Scrub with Henna

 Reduces wrinkles, removes acne.  25 g of henna mixed with two tablespoons of olive oil.  Two drops of lemon are added.  It turned out a mask - a scrub, this drug is applied for 10 minutes, then washed off

 Peeling with a solution of calcium chloride

 It is used as a cleansing agent to eliminate dead cells.  The skin becomes younger, its tone rises, folds are smoothed.  The solution is applied to the face cleansed from dirt and make-up, after 5 to 10 minutes it is applied again.  At the same time, hands are soaped with neutral soap and carefully, but gently massage the skin of the face, removing the dead cells.  Further, the face is rinsed with water, and a moisturizer is applied to it.  Contraindication to the use of the solution is the presence of damage and inflammation.

 Peeling with lactic acid

 You can buy the drug in the pharmacy in its pure form or in the form of drops of Hilak forte, the main active ingredient of which is lactic acid.  The substance is characterized by a mild effect, therefore it is allowed to use it on a delicate, inflammation-prone skin.  After using the mask, the epidermis whitens, softens, and gains a smooth surface.

 Gels from wrinkles from the pharmacy

 Gel Curious

 It has a rejuvenating effect, as it contains zinc and glauric acid.  The drug is completely harmless, there are no contraindications.  The cream has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect, promotes cellular regeneration.  Glauric acid smooths wrinkles, moisturizes the skin.

 Apply the drug better courses - two weeks twice a year.  You can use this cream as a basis for nutritious masks.  In this case, it is applied to the face, then it is necessary to wait until it is absorbed and a moisturizing cream is applied over the top for twenty minutes.  To enhance the effect, you can add vitamins A and E, which are sold in capsules.


 It is prescribed for blepharitis caused by blepharitis.  Its side effect is the elimination of small mimic wrinkles.  Due to the properties of the main components - aloe juice and hyaluronic acid, collagen synthesis is increased.  As a result, the tender epidermis is rejuvenated and smoothed.

 Apply Blepharogel twice a day on clean skin.  The drug is recommended to apply a thin layer, lightly rubbing.

 Gel Lyoton

 Successfully used in cosmetology, as a remedy for face swelling.  Because of regular stretching, the skin loses its elasticity and sags.  The changed contour of the face gives a dozen additional years.  To get rid of the problem, experts advise applying the gel to areas that require correction, a thin layer, after 10 minutes of use, rinse.

 Another method of application is to use the drug as a base for a daily cream.  If there are no allergic reactions, it can be applied daily for a long time.

Ointments and creams from wrinkles

 The variety of pharmacy ointments from wrinkles and swelling is also great.  Their action is aimed at smoothing the skin, getting rid of puffiness and solving many other problems that women of all ages face every day.

 Ointment Relief

 Effective from medium and deep folds on the skin.  One of the main components is shark fat, known for its regenerative and restorative effects.  Other active substances of the ointment stimulate blood circulation, contributing to the elimination of edema.  In addition, Relief contains fatty acids, which support elasticity and smooth wrinkles.

 The drug perfectly nourishes, moisturizes the skin and eliminates traces of age-related changes.  Thanks to a dense, sufficiently oily texture, the ointment is absorbed for a long time, which makes it impossible to apply it as a make-up base.  Apply the product is recommended once a day, before bedtime, in areas that require special attention.  To obtain a visible effect, a week's course is sufficient for the daily application of the ointment.

 Retinoic ointment

 The main active substance is isotretinoin.  The drug helps maintain water balance, activate the process of tissue regeneration, smooth out age folds.  Regular use improves the renewal of cells, resulting in the skin becomes elastic, and wrinkles disappear.

 Retinoic ointment is not recommended before exposure to open sun, as it increases sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation.

 If the need for such use is available, a layer of sunscreen should be applied over the top.  Optimum time of its application in the evening, before going to bed.  The standard course is 2-3 weeks.

 Zinc ointment

 Having in the composition of zinc, which is a natural protective against ultraviolet radiation, the ointment has a beneficial effect on the skin of the face.  Apply it immediately before going out under direct sunlight to problem areas.

 A precaution to use is the application on the delicate skin of the eyelids, as zinc has a strong withering property.  For the same reason, it is recommended to use ointment in combination with a fat moisturizer.

 Heparin ointment

 The drug, which can be purchased at every pharmacy, is used in cosmetology to eliminate bags and dark circles under the eyes.  The side effect of positive action is the elimination of small and medium wrinkles.

 A special feature of the ointment is its light texture, which allows the active ingredients to easily penetrate the epidermis.  The skin is moistened and smooth.  Application is recommended to carry out a thin layer.  The effect occurs after 3 to 4 procedures, the standard course is 10 days.


 Ointment intended for nourishing and moisturizing the skin of the face, as well as removing age folds, is affordable.  Professional cosmetologists advise to apply Solcoseryl in combination with the Dimexide solution, which is wiped face.  The resulting mask is not washed off for half an hour.  Then the skin is processed with a nutritious cream.

 Such a complex product has a rejuvenating effect, removes wrinkles and improves complexion.  In the presence of dry skin Solcoseryl should be applied instead of a night cream.

Best Eye Wrinkle Cream


 Librederm with cornflower

 Black Pearl


 Shiseido Bio-Performance

 Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone

 Holy Land C the SUCCESS Intensive Eye Cream

 Lierac Diopticreme reparatrice des rides

 L'Oreal Paris Age expert 45+


 The best creams from wrinkles of a class "lux"

 Avene Ystheal 30 ml

 Clinique Repairwear Deep Wrinkle Concentrate For Face & Eye 50 ml

 Gel-cream Acglicolic Classic Forte Sesderma 50 ml

 Vichy Neovadiol GF 45-60 years 50 ml

 Top Wrinkle Creams

 Intensive Rebuilding Moisturizer

 Olay Regenerist

 Future Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Radiance Cream SPF 15

 L`Oreal Age Perfect

 Olay Total Effects

 Garnier Active lifting

 Vichy Neovadiol

 Natura Siberica Anti-Age

 Anti-aging bio-care from Black Pearl

 Wrinkle Oils

 Natural vegetable oils, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, are famous for their properties, helping to get rid of age-related skin problems.  They are rarely used in a pure form, and often in the composition of all kinds of masks.

 Among them, the most effective are:

 1. Jojoba, wheat and avocado oils are mixed in equal parts (1 tbsp each).  Add to the mixture 3 - 4 drops of rosewood oil and incense.  Everything is thoroughly mixed and applied to problem areas, avoiding the skin of the eyelids.  The course of using the drug is a week, twice a day.

 2. Mix 2 tbsp.  l.  Peach oil with ylang-ylang oil (3 drops) and lemon (2 drops).  The mixture is applied to the face from wrinkles under the eyes on the forehead and around the lips.  Use is recommended twice a day for a week.

 3. For 1 tbsp.  l.  Sesame oil and rose hips are triturated until complete mixing.  The mixture is effective against wrinkles around the eyes and other age-related folds on the face.

 Melted cocoa butter in a water bath in the amount of 1 tbsp.  l.  mixed with 2 tbsp.  l.  sea ​​buckthorn oil.  Several drops of vitamin E are added to the mixture in the oily solution.  The mask is applied to problematic fates around the eyes and lips, as well as on the forehead in the morning and before going to bed.

 Vitamin complexes from wrinkles

 Simple anti-wrinkle drugs include vitamins.  Vitamin A can be bought in capsules.  Cosmetologists advise to mix it with creams.  It promotes cell division and improves skin condition.

 Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect.  It is sold in a pharmacy in vials and capsules.  Promotes skin tightening, smoothing wrinkles and enhances metabolic processes.  The product perfectly nourishes the skin, smooths wrinkles and speeds up cell division.

 Vitamin F helps to restore the hydrolipid balance of the skin. This remedy is recommended for women with dry skin.  A positive effect will appear after several applications.

 The appearance of wrinkles on the face upsets women at any age.  But a quality anti-wrinkle face cream with regular use will help to cope with major age problems without using more expensive methods.

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