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Bolshoi vibor kosmetiki. Dostavka 3 nedeli, no upakovan tovar horosho."


Большой выбор интересной косметики на любой случай. Заказывала для себя и мамы, остались довольны. Доставка в Киев 2 недели."


Посылка в Саратов шла 15 дней. Косметика оригинальная, упакована хорошо"

Елена Козлова

Large selection of vitamins at a good price"


Большой выбор косметики и биодобавок. Заказал несколько средств по выгодной цене. В Крым доставляли чуть больше 2х недель."


Много косметики мировых брендов, а также редкая биокосметика. Доставили посылку через 12 дней в Украину."


A lot of bio-cosmetics. The package arrived 15 days later in Rome."


Много витаминов и БАДов европейского качества. Вежливый персонал."


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Slim figure



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€37.56 €46.96 -20%
Avène, Avene Kompaktsonnencreme F50 getönt Gold, 10 гр
Dermacol, Sun Water Resistant
€9.74 €10.82 -10%
Dermacol, Sun Water Resistant,30 ml
€7.17 €7.97 -10%
Dermacol, Sun Water Resistant,200 ml
€8.89 €9.88 -10%

Bioderma Photoderm AR SPF 50 + tinted (brown) sunscreen with very high UVA and UVB protection is designed for sensitive reactive skin. Slows down premature skin aging and prevents unwanted reactions to the sun

Tanning lotion SPF 30 protects the skin from sunburn and irritation due to mineral content filters. Those on the skin produce lightweight, protective films that reliably reflect the UV rays.

Face and body cream SPF 50 protects the skin from burning and irritation due to mineral filters. The skin creates a light-shielding film that reliably reflects UV radiation.

Toning cream for the summer, cleverly replaces the makeup easier. Normalizes skin tone, increases its hydration and calms down. Thanks to SPF 50 will provide high protection from sunburn.

Light cream is also suitable for sensitive skin. Strengthen its shade will add a fresh look to it and support its hydration. At the same time protect it from sunburn and premature aging.

A light cream with sesame oil, pink hydrolatem or Propolis protect the sensitive skin from UVA and UVB radiation, soothes it and prevents dehydration.

Tanning lotion for face and body SPF 30 protects the skin from sunburn and irritation due to mineral content filters. Those on the skin produce lightweight, protective films that reliably reflect the UV rays.

After taking a sun bath, it soothes and regenerates the skin after a long stay in the sun, eliminates irritation symptoms and protects the skin from signs of premature aging.

€37.56 €46.96 -20%

With SPF 15

Easy to take, quickly absorbs

The tanning lotion gives the skin a very high level of protection against UVA and UVB radiation, leaving no white film on it and weather conditions. With a monoï a pleasant smell.

A waterproof sunscreen without nanoparticles provides the skin with a high degree of protection from UVA and UVB radiation, does not leave a white film on it and helps to restore it.

Sunscreen with non-nanoparticles provides protection of the skin from ultraviolet and ultraviolet radiation, leaving on it a white film and Polynesian mono.

Sunscreen from nanoparticles in rolls protects very sensitive and pale skin from burning and does not leave a white film on it.

A very high protective cream protects extremely sensitive and light skin from UVA and UBA radiation, does not contain nanoparticles and does not leave a white film on the skin.

Sunscreen without nanoparticles provide the skin with a high degree of protection against UVB and UVA, do not leave the white film on it and vice versa it lightly natónuje and give it a healthy appearance.

The combination of vegetable oils will help improve endurance and make it more pleasant. Added mineral skin oxides give a subtle sheen.

The combination of Argan, coconut and sunflower oil helps to isolate the tan and prolong its battery life. At the same time, the skin is beautifully fragrant and restores it.

Gel with mint or extract from hydrolátem aloe soothes the skin after tanning, beautiful, cool and promotes hydration. Quickly absorbed and does not stick.

Milk thanks to panthenol, allantoin and herbal extracts soothes the skin after sunburn, moisturizes it and at the same time prolongs the endurance of the tan.

The cool sequence gel soothes and moisturizes the skin highlighted by sunbathing, relieves redness and promotes rapid recovery.

Soothing and regenerating cream on the face and body skin effectively nourishes and refreshes. Calms irritated skin reactions during burns, bruises, itching, rashes and redness.