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Очень быстрая доставка, очень низкие цены, удобный сайт, все качественно и хорошо"

Bystrova Elena


Cool shop , good prices, fast delivery, friendly staff"

Jhonny Raider

Project Manager

Cena je nižší než v lékárnách. Rychlé doručení a doručení objednávky. Sortiment."

Eva Kučerova

Stylový manažer

Огромный выбор медикаментов и косметических средств по отличной цене. Доставка в любой город."


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With a pencil for eyes in classic black, you can easily create a delicate and distinctive line that will match every eye color and is perfect for every occasion

A pencil with a colored pencil in the shade of bitter chocolate is especially suitable for brown and green eyes, and you can easily create eye lines that suit you at all ages.

A colored pencil in a gray-blue color will help you create an elegant make-up that fits light blue or gray eyes.

The eyeliner pencil in the dark dinner created by the shadow will match the bill mainly brown and green eyes. Thanks to natural oils will also take care of the skin for their eyelids.

The lines created with a pencil in the emerald green tint will match the bill mainly with brown eyes. In addition, during the whole day care for the delicate skin of the eyelids.

With pencil eyes are dark blue to create a playful day and evening makeup. Its composition will be during the day to care for the delicate skin of the eyelids and protect it from drying out.

A chocolate brown pencil can help you comb and emphasize your eyebrows without getting anything unnatural. It contains oil for care and includes a practical brush.

A light brown pencil with a brown tip will help you to select and form eyebrows. This shade is especially suitable for blondes. Also included a practical brush.

A chocolate brown pencil with a soft pearl will help you tighten your eyebrows, taking care of the skin underneath. Also included a practical brush.

Pencil pencil Light Stone light, gray-brown and suitable for all blond hair. It's easy to separate her eyebrows and take care of the skin under her during the day.

Herbal medicine for venous diseases.

The drug is a herbal medicine used to treat conditions of chronic venous insufficiency, characterized by swollen legs, varicose veins, a sense of heaviness and tightness, itching, fatigue, pain in the legs and leg cramps.

With a pencil in a matte white shade, you light up and highlight your appearance and visually increase your eyes.

With a pencil in a cobalt blue matt shade, you can easily add an unusual shine to the eyes.