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Bolshoi vibor kosmetiki. Dostavka 3 nedeli, no upakovan tovar horosho."


Большой выбор интересной косметики на любой случай. Заказывала для себя и мамы, остались довольны. Доставка в Киев 2 недели."


Посылка в Саратов шла 15 дней. Косметика оригинальная, упакована хорошо"

Елена Козлова

Large selection of vitamins at a good price"


Большой выбор косметики и биодобавок. Заказал несколько средств по выгодной цене. В Крым доставляли чуть больше 2х недель."


Много косметики мировых брендов, а также редкая биокосметика. Доставили посылку через 12 дней в Украину."


A lot of bio-cosmetics. The package arrived 15 days later in Rome."


Много витаминов и БАДов европейского качества. Вежливый персонал."


Большой выбор европейских лекарств, доставка до 14 дней. Нашла все, что искала"


Оперативно доставили лекарство по рецепту в Екатеринбург"


Много не только лекарств, а и косметических средств европейского производства, что очень радует"


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Application of double heart magnesium 400 for the night tablets (pack size: 60 pcs)
Double Heart Magnesium 400 for the Night Tablets (Pack size: 60 pcs) is used to support the normal functioning of the muscles and nerves at night, so you have a restful sleep. The two plant substances balm and lavender also have a calming effect on the nerves. The intake of one tablet in the evening is sufficient, as it continuously releases the active ingredients during the night.

Manuka Honey Mgo 550 (pack size: 250 g) can be purchased at your mail-order pharmacy
Manufacturer: allcura Naturheilmittel GmbH, Reichenäcker 7, 97877 Wertheim

JA pure 100% organic juice of the fruits Black-green Aronia has an interesting sweet-sour and slightly bitter taste. The fruit contains a large amount of vitamin C, which contributes to the correct functioning of the immune and nervous system and to protect cells from oxidative stress. Juice from Aroonia effectively helps reduce fatigue and total exhaustion of the body. It contributes to the formation of collagen to enhance the function of blood vessels, bone and cartilage, promotes the health and beauty of the skin and good tooth construction.

They contain simple unsaturated fats that are helpful in lowering blood cholesterol. It also acts healthy on the heart and prevents cancer from antioxidants. These nuts are used in cosmetics for their fat and oil content. We recommend that you cut into a mortar and cocoa and agave to make a delicious cream.
     Ingredients: Macadamia nuts
     Nutritional values in 100 g: Energy 3000 kJ, fats 74 g of which saturated fatty acids 12.1 g, carbohydrates 5.2 g of which sugars 4.6 g, fiber 8.6 g, protein 7.9 g.
     Allergens: May contain traces of other nuts and shells, sesame and SO2.
     Content: 50 g

Mungo Allnature beans are healthy and tasty ingredients as a supplement or can be added to a variety of dishes, risotto, soups or carnations. Before cooking, it is advisable to wash and soak for at least 10 to 12 hours. They are an excellent source of protein, B vitamins and minerals, especially magnesium, calcium and potassium. Mungo beans come from India and meet them mainly in Indian and Chinese cuisine. If you want to prepare an even healthier version, it is advisable to let them germinate. Mungo beans have an olive color and a very specific scent.

Aloe vera - 100% Bio juice has a delicate flavor without a distinctive aroma and is made by the most modern Totaloe method of treatment for maximizing the active ingredients.
Aloe vera is a plant containing many beneficial substances - vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, mono and polysaccharides.
The skin of Aloe vera is a production plant that synthesizes sugars, fats, proteins and vitamins.
Under her skin there are vascular bundles forming the mesh.
It is a juice that delivers water and minerals from the roots through the vascular transport system and transports the photosynthesis products from which the plant is being built and which is also stored in the gel.

Cocoa beans are dried seeds of Criollo cocoa beans. The fruit contains about 40 oval, about 3 cm long seeds, which are slightly almond-like. Cocoa beans have been an unusually valuable raw material since time immemorial. The Aztecs weighed more than gold because they used them as a gift while gold was used only for aesthetic purposes. For 100 cacao beans, for example, a slave could be bought.

Allnature Protein chocolate bar with excellent chocolate flavor contains 32% of the protein, which will give you the necessary nutrients. In addition, 100% of the vitamin E, C, B1, B2, B6 and pantothenic acid intake ratios are present in a single stick..

Walnuts are among the most walnuts in our country. Allnature Walnuts Contains beneficial substances such as B vitamins, vitamins A, C and E, minerals like copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium and potassium. Regular consumption of walnut helps with disorders of the nervous system, reduces blood pressure and blood clotting. Walnuts are, among other things, a helper that reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. The walnut consumption also has a positive effect on brain activity and memory. Walnuts can be eaten directly or added to muesli and yogurt. But they are more often used in baked sweets or desserts.

Lyophilized blackberries, ie, frozen blackberries, undergo a process in which the fruit is frozen and then slowly dried in a vacuum. Here, 95% water is removed as well as acetic acid. Lyophilized fruit preserves its taste, smell, texture and natural color, but also vitamins, nutrients and minerals commonly found in fresh fruit. If frozen dried fruit is stored properly, it has a long shelf life. Freeze-dried blackberries retain the properties of fresh blackberries with pleasant crunching.

Acai Berry Pyré supplies the body with energy, fiber and vitamins. The fruits of this tropical palm have beneficial effects on the human organism in many ways. They help with the premature aging of the organism. Detoxify, support the circulatory system and the heart, help reduce cholesterol, strengthen the immune system, promote digestion and excretion, and have a beneficial effect on libido. Acai berry puree is made of fresh acai berries without dyes, sweeteners and preservatives.
2x daily for 30 ml, or if necessary, dilute the same amount with water or juice and drink.
Keep puree out of reach of children. Suitable for children from 3 years. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. It is just a supplement to a varied diet. Store the sealed bottle in a dark place, keep it in the fridge after opening and use as soon as possible.
Volume: 500 ml

First class BIO apricot kernels with a characteristic bitter taste that is very similar to the taste of almonds.

Chinese gourd, also known as Goji, is one of the most nutritious fruits in the world and is also an excellent antioxidant. This treasure of Chinese medicine can now be in the form of 100% natural juice of the highest quality in the BIO version without dyes and preservatives. Highest requirements and German control demanding the perfect product guarantee the best. It was therefore logical to sell this juice in glass bottles that are best able to keep this valuable product against plastic bottles

Allnature sunflower seeds contain important substances and, above all, B vitamins. They are among the excellent antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals. We can add them to salads, muesli or other dishes, or just bark them. Consuming sunflower seeds helps reduce bad cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Nutrients contained in sunflower seeds increase serotonin levels, thereby enhancing the activity of the nervous system. They are also suitable for diabetics, vegany č paleo diet. Preventively acts against cardiovascular diseases.

Bean mungo Allnature is originally an Indian raw material, which is popular today around the world. They are mainly used in Chinese and Indian cuisine. They are also suitable as a supplement or can be added to vegetable soups, salads or chicken meat mixtures. They are very healthy because they contain health benefits such as proteins, minerals in the form of calcium, potassium, iron or magnesium. We can consume them even in a healthier form, and germinated. Before cooking, it is advisable to soak for 10 to 12 hours and thoroughly wash it.

Description: Lyophilized strawberries whole. The fruit is frozen vigorously and then slowly dried in a vacuum. As a result, it retains its scent, taste, texture, natural color, but also vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Stir in mash, yoghurt or muesli.

Caution: Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.
The product is not intended for use as a replacement for a balanced and varied diet.
Keep out of reach of children!

Lyophilized bananas, ie frozen bananas, undergo a process in which the fruit is frozen and then slowly dried in a vacuum. Here, 95% water is removed as well as acetic acid. Lyophilized fruit preserves its taste, smell, texture and natural color, but also vitamins, nutrients and minerals commonly found in fresh fruit. If frozen dried fruit is stored properly, it has a long shelf life. Freeze-dried bananas retain the properties of fresh bananas with a pleasant crunch

Noni juice is traditionally used to reduce high blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, various pain, digestive problems, depression and skin problems.

However, the world's attention was only recently gained by scientists discovering an incredible amount of biologically active substances that provide positive effects on the body: 18 amino acids enzymes vitamins minerals damnacanthal melatonin serotonin proxeronine and others.