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Bolshoi vibor kosmetiki. Dostavka 3 nedeli, no upakovan tovar horosho."


Большой выбор интересной косметики на любой случай. Заказывала для себя и мамы, остались довольны. Доставка в Киев 2 недели."


Посылка в Саратов шла 15 дней. Косметика оригинальная, упакована хорошо"

Елена Козлова

Large selection of vitamins at a good price"


Большой выбор косметики и биодобавок. Заказал несколько средств по выгодной цене. В Крым доставляли чуть больше 2х недель."


Много косметики мировых брендов, а также редкая биокосметика. Доставили посылку через 12 дней в Украину."


A lot of bio-cosmetics. The package arrived 15 days later in Rome."


Много витаминов и БАДов европейского качества. Вежливый персонал."


Большой выбор европейских лекарств, доставка до 14 дней. Нашла все, что искала"


Оперативно доставили лекарство по рецепту в Екатеринбург"


Много не только лекарств, а и косметических средств европейского производства, что очень радует"


Slim figure

Slim figure



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Bio Gaia ProTectis drops with Lactobacillus reuteri are a dietary supplement. Plastic tube for easy dosing. The open vial is to be consumed within three months of the first ...

€32.20 €40.25 -20%

Do you want to wipe the scars or stretch marks? Silicone gel New Gel + E can align, stroke and ease. Thanks to vitamin E skin also smoothes and moisturizes the skin. It is easy to apply and quick to dry, so it won't limit you. Perfect with the new gel + silicone spots.

The SPORTIQUE CENTURY RIDING CREAM is designed for the protection of places heavily stressed (under clothing, footwear, etc.) in all sports activities.

A formula developed specifically for women, taking into account the specifics of sensitive skin in places exposed to friction, elevated temperature, humidity, repeated irritation.

The extract of comfrey, extract badyagi, chondroitin, oil of juniper, oil Cajeput, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, clove oil.

Gel cosmetic with FORMIC ACID AND COMFREY is recommended as an aid in the complex treatment of joint diseases: osteochondrosis, radiculitis, arthrosis, arthritis, gout.

Promotes more rapid tissue regeneration, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, reduce edema and resorption of hematomas, has antiseptic and calming effect.

Cinquefoil extract, allantoin, chondroitin, glucosamine, oil of pepper, oil of fir, oil of eucalyptus, oil of juniper, oil of cedar, bee venom, camphor.

Bee venom extract, cinquefoil, comfrey, Golden mustache, oil of eucalyptus, camphor.

on the basis of menthol, oil of lemon, extracts of Ginkgo biloba, leaves of red grapes, pine bark and horse chestnut

chondroitin, glucosamine, eucalyptus oil, menthol, vitamins B1 and B6.'); break; case 6: print('extract of the Golden mustache, bishofit, an extract of comfrey, extract of cinquefoil, camphor, menthol, oils of fir, lavender, eucalyptus.

The gel Cinquefoil also contains a complex of herbal extracts and essential oils that reduce swelling and rapid tissue regeneration.

Gel cosmetic with BISCHOFITE is recommended as an adjuvant in the treatment of joint diseases: osteochondrosis, radiculitis, arthrosis, arthritis, gout.