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Bolshoi vibor kosmetiki. Dostavka 3 nedeli, no upakovan tovar horosho."


Большой выбор интересной косметики на любой случай. Заказывала для себя и мамы, остались довольны. Доставка в Киев 2 недели."


Посылка в Саратов шла 15 дней. Косметика оригинальная, упакована хорошо"

Елена Козлова

Large selection of vitamins at a good price"


Большой выбор косметики и биодобавок. Заказал несколько средств по выгодной цене. В Крым доставляли чуть больше 2х недель."


Много косметики мировых брендов, а также редкая биокосметика. Доставили посылку через 12 дней в Украину."


A lot of bio-cosmetics. The package arrived 15 days later in Rome."


Много витаминов и БАДов европейского качества. Вежливый персонал."


Большой выбор европейских лекарств, доставка до 14 дней. Нашла все, что искала"


Оперативно доставили лекарство по рецепту в Екатеринбург"


Много не только лекарств, а и косметических средств европейского производства, что очень радует"


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7-Heaven Velila
Anais Tanga Avril
Anais Isla Zupan
Anais Nessa Thong

The sensual, shiny Valerie 7-Heaven belt is decorated with a satin ribbon on the front. The rear hook is designed for the rear. Perfectly model the character. Unique stockings are included. The product is a luxurious gift that comes in a gift box. Material: 100% Polyester

Seductive Allen 7-Heaven bathrobe from beautiful lace - bathrobe is made of lace with rich floral pattern - sleeves 3/4 - tying on the sash to the satin bow - the thongs are part of the dressing gown


Elegant short Velila 7-Heaven vest made of translucent lace with floral motif. Thanks to the ribbon that binds around the waist, the dressing gown is touched in any size. Thongs made of the same material are part of a wrapper. Goods are delivered in a gift box.

Elastic pantyhose with SLH-21162 Alexis black color. Material: 90% polyamide (nylon), 10% elastane

Stockings Allure are suitable for both wild and romantic women. A delicate, translucent floral lace is decorated with clusters of shiny black fabric.

Sensual set of translucent bra and panties.

Velnes Pack for women is designed to meet the needs of the female body to preserve health and beauty, maintain a high vitality and activity.

Made from 95% Food Grade Organic Aloe Vera - 100% Vegan Stain-Free and PH Balanced for a Women's Body While Silicone Based Lubricants Can Degrade both Silicone and Jelly Rubber Toys, Aloe Cadabra is 100% Toy Friendly Doctor Recommended to Eliminate Painful Intercourse & Menopause Dryness NEVER ANY: Parabens, Petroleum, Silicone, Phenoxyethanol, Glycerin, Glucose, Propylene glycol, or Chlorhexidine
In Stock

Saya erotic stickers from the ANAIS brand. Stickers in the shape of a patch. The perfect gift to revive your underwear. Available in black, white and purple. 
Material composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.

The ANAIS Warm Up erotic tangle is made up of a small, pink lacy strip that forms the front part and a black elastic strip.

The elegant Saffie Anais bathrobe with a rich floral lace is made from a combination of lace and lightweight semi-transparent material. The upper lace is lined with black satin pasples, short sleeves, waistband under the waistband, lacing on the laces. Included are tongue thongs with elasticated eyelets, neck flower is not included

Naked Shadow Anais erotic and refined points are made of transparent elastic material. The front is decorated with stones. The straps are behind the neck and at the back of the tie. Very bold and sexy model.

Erotic set from the brand Anais. The set consists of a bra without baskets and pitch. 

Sexy panties that blend your hips and backs into luxury. Beautiful lace is complemented with a crotch neckline. The top hem is also decorated with a tiny ribbon. A gorgeous piece that underscores your curves.

Simplicity of adornment Ruth Anais is sure to please the lovers of multiple love preludes. An atmosphere with exotic elements will awaken your partner's senses in every movement. Ornaments are made of lightweight material, self-adhesive, adherent and can be repeatedly used. The set contains one pair. Material: 80% polyamide + 20% elastane

Penny Anais Ladies - Made of elegant lace - Soft cups - Ornate zircons - With adjustable shoulder straps. 
Material composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane 
Size: S, M, L, XL

Erotic set for the right devil! The top of the mesh fabric, with open bones without bones, on the décolleté feathers, trimmed with a frill and satin ribbon on the back.

 Women's seductive sex-filled shirt, sewn from elastic mesh with lace lobes embellished with bows. Soft cups, straps are adjustable. In the set of thongs on thin tapes. 
Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.

Saya erotic stickers from the ANAIS brand. Stickers in the shape of a patch. The perfect gift to revive your underwear. Available in black, white and purple. 
Material composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.

Felicity Anais's very sensual erotic panties will make passion at first glance. They are made of high quality elastic lace that is comfortable to touch. The panties are thoughtfully decorated with lace in white. High storm.


This timeless and exceptionally sensual design by Anais Apparel is a great offer for lovers of effective, yet versatile pieces of lingerie in plus size.

Erotic lace points of black color with a very refined cut. The pattern of fine lace is intertwined with a floral motif and the linen is ribbed with black elastic material, which represents a great deal of flexibility

 The sensuous combination of majestic black and seductive purple will make the Anais Vivienne Set an irresistible. The semi-bridesmaid with bones make a nice look for the breasts and really spicy thong with ribbing on the sides are combined with beautiful lace. Adjustable and detachable hanger. Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane

 The beautiful hinges are slightly translucent from the front and with a small bow in the middle, the back is made of hard-working lace. Flower lace is breathtaking and adds uniqueness to the model. Material composition: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elasten.

Seductive and graceful Anais nipple cuff, this is an interesting idea to make your intimate life more varied.

Nessa string is not a common model. String has a beautiful floral lace and two big bows from a ribbon. Thanks to these bums, the model gets a touch of pleasure. Material composition: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elasten.

Corsia Anais erotic set made of light and translucent tulle. An open bra with coquette frills will attract every man. The brassiere bra is greatly shaped by the bust. Included in the set is a garter belt with shawl and thong.

 Erotic set Gina from Anais collection consists of bra and tang. The bra is reinforced with bones and has a classic fastening. The panties are decorated with small bows, in front of the splinters. Nipple stickers are not part of the set, they can be bought.

Very seductive ladies tanga Anais Charming in black on the bottom with attractive lace.

This unique model consists of a plaid skirt that is attached from the rear to reveal a bottom that is perfect for every person, and then top and neckties that complement all this extremely sexy outfit.

Seductive ladies points Hypnos Anais in black and pink color. 
Ladies dots are extraordinarily sexy! 
Ladies' body has a semi bra with stitched bones and beautifully highlights

Courageous and romantic two-piece set made of soft tulle and seductive lace. The set consists of polo bra and open tang. 
Material: 80% polyamide, 10% elastane

An electrifying and stunning design by Anais, a solution for persistent seductionists and ladies who like to boldly reveal their body. The Jade model was made of black, transparent lace with floral motifs, which is adorned with intensive red accessories.