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Non-contact infrared thermometer Beurer FT 90 can measure the temperature of the body and the object within a few seconds.

The digital T-20 thermometer is equipped with an audible alarm, an alarm signal of high temperature (more than 37.5 ° C), automatic shutdown.

 Non-contact The NC300 thermometer measures temperature even during sleep, making it very suitable for the smallest. It has a fast way of measuring, an alarm will sound at an elevated temperature. With a backlit display that is also very easy to read. It measures the temperature of the fluids, the environment and the human body.

This OMRON digital thermometer is equipped with a flexible tip for convenient measurement, easy and fast 10-second measurement, with a new medical design and ease of operation.

€8.44 €9.93 -15%

 Cemio Metric 304 Rapid Flex is a digital thermometer suitable for measuring body temperature in children and adults.

€8.98 €10.57 -15%

Cemio Metric 304 Rapid Flex is a digital thermometer suitable for body temperature measurement.

€4.08 €4.80 -15%

Cemio Metric 302 is a digital medical thermometer for measuring body temperature.

 The Glassless mercury glass thermometer with gallium is a galia-based thermometer. Galium is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The thermometer is 100% accurate, hygienic, anti-allergic and cost-effective. It is also environmentally friendly, as it does not contain batteries, plastic or poisons.

Contactless Geratherm Thermometer measures the temperature of both children and adults, as well as objects, surfaces, dishes, etc. Temperature is measured by infrared technology, which guarantees fast, accurate and hygienic measurement within seconds. It stores the last 30 measurements in memory. Temperature is measured quickly and reliably with high precision and measuring range of 0-100 degrees.

The flexible end digital Rapid Geratherm digital thermometer has a large display and audible alarm.

 The digital infrared contactless thermometer is designed for gentle temperature measurement of infants and toddlers. It allows you to measure the temperature on your forehead in about 3 seconds. The thermometer features quiet operation (no sound signal), easy one-touch operation, optical alarm for fever, memory for the last 10 measured values. A practical storage case for the thermometer is also included.

 digital clinical thermometer providing measurement results in seconds

Digital medical thermometer with more accurate and gentle measurement, thanks to its flexible tip. It has an ergonomic design and an extra large display. It is able to measure temperature within tens of seconds. It is also highly waterproof. It also has a memory to store the measured temperature and turns off automatically after 7 minutes. The protective cover provides high resistance to falling.

Fully automatic digital thermometer

Thermal Standard Digital Thermal Standard Thermal Standard ensures reliable body temperature measurement. It provides a quick result in about 40-90 seconds. It has a memory to store the last measured value, a crash protection cover. The batteries have a high service life, with up to 3000 measurements. The thermometer can turn itself off after 9 minutes. 
Used for oral, arterial and rectal body temperature measurements.

 Fully automatic digital medical thermometer

THERMOVAL Rapid is a digital medical thermometer for fast and accurate temperature measurement. With 10 sec. high speed technology will measure the result in 10 seconds. With an extra large display and memory to store the last measured value. Waterproof.

Cost-effective, fully automatic digital thermometer

The 925083 infrared thermometer measures temperatures of 3 seconds on the forehead and 1 second in the ear.

 fully automatic digital thermometer with child motives, high-speed

The digital thermometer is designed for body temperature measurement and is designed for axial, oral, rectal and vaginal measurements. The thermometer has the last measurement memory, it is 100% waterproof, it also offers audible alarm, battery discharge indication and automatic shutdown. The product is suitable for determining fertile and infertile days, thanks to 2 decimal places it guarantees high resolution especially for accurate determination of basal temperature and determination of ovulation curve.

The NC100 infrared infrared thermometer measures temperature using infrared technology from the patient's forehead without contact.

The fast digital flexi thermometer has a flexible measuring tip and high measurement accuracy within 10 seconds. The thermometer also provides a fever alarm, audible beacon, large backlit display, and last measurement memory. The product is waterproof and has automatic shutdown.

The Microlife NC 150 Infrared Thermometer enables non-contact measurement, is hygienic, has many features such as body temperature measurement, object and ambient temperature measurement, and records the date and time of measurement, and stores up to 30 temperature measurements. The end of the measurement sounds with a shutdown sound, it also has a fever alarm, illuminated display and a blue beam of light. 
You can measure the temperature either in ° C or F. This thermometer is recommended by your doctor.