Dermaheal LL (Lipocare) 50ml

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Do you have extra teeth, but you don't want to make a dramatic decision? Or do you like the most part of cellulite? We have an effective solution for you. Dermaheal LL can destroy fat cells and reduce cellulite.

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Size Chart

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Dermaheal LL contains 3 active ingredients that can break the fat cells and safely remove them from the body. Each of the ingredients has a purpose, and they will not be able to work effectively. The first ingredient is hydrogenated lecithin or phosphatidylcholine. It is a well known substance derived from soy beans and is the main phospholipid in cellular membranes. His task is the splitting of fat cells. After lecithin carnitine is the only physiological media, capable of transferring fatty acids (split fats) into the mitochondria where they are burned and converted into energy. The last substance is a special peptide, the Decapeptide-4, which promotes the metabolism of muscle. 


fat reduction due to the breakdown of fat cells 

Cellulite removal 


Time Saving - the whole procedure takes about 30 minutes 

painless procedure 

No need to use anesthesia or local 

removes less fat reserves 

designed primarily for baking , where it does not help with exercise or diet

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